12/01/2012 06:53 GMT | Updated 13/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Tonight's TV Pick: Thursday 12 - 'Earthflight', 'My Daughter The Teenage Nudist'

My Daughter The Teenage Nudist - 10pm, Channel 4

Don't be fooled by the deliberately titillating title - this documentary is an earnest look at why more and more teenagers and young adults are embracing public nudity as a way of protest against everyday body fascism we unconsciously absorb - and as a way of normalising nudity.

There's a broad range of contributor, from the parents of these youngsters revealing all, to a social-nudity recruiter who lends a certain frisson to freshers' week, and it definitely raises questions about the multiple double standards surrounding the naked form. And it's impossible to come away without a certain admiration for these young idealists - especially in winter.

Earthflight - 8pm, BBC1

More dressed for the climate are the birds and animals on impeccable display in the third episode of Earthflight. Just as cats always seem to find the perfect sunlit pose on windowsills, I swear these cranes, starlings, Barnacle geese and Camargue horses know they're being filmed, and know instinctively how to show all their best angles. The scenery helps, too - impossibly green, blue, fluffy and lush.

There's a bit of conflict on show in this telegenic natural world, but with David Tennant's soft, burry tones to boot, well, viewers' feathers won't be too ruffled. Here are some pictures to give you an idea: