16/01/2012 11:52 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kelly Osbourne, This Is Dreadful.

We would like to write articles about how stunning Kelly Osbourne looks on the red carpet. Sadly, after looking at the black and grey she wore for the Art of Elysium gala, this would be compromising our stylistic integrity.

Photo: PA

Kelly has proven that she can attend a red carpet event looking perfectly charming so WHAT IS THIS?

It's shapeless, it's a bad colour, it's creased, it's a duvet on the top and a black sack on the bottom, it's shiny, we're assuming it makes the noise of someone pulling on a seatbelt every time she walks...

So all of that PLUS the pink lipstick which makes her skin tone a bit orangey and the grey hair which, FINE, go for grey but at don't have it all puffing out on one side. It makes it look like you fell asleep on that side of it in the car (understandable because you are wearing half a duvet) or like your ear is doing a sneeze.

We don't hate Kelly, so why does her stylist?

P.S. Here's some evidence from the Emmys to support our 'She knows how to look pretty' case:

Photo: Empics

To discover how to wear a neon lip (i.e. not like this) look no further than the gallery below:

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