17/01/2012 10:47 GMT

Kelly Brook Regrets Glamour Past

Kelly Brook has has revealed her regret at posing for glamour shots early in her career as she feels it stopped her being taken seriously as a television presenter.

These days Kelly may be known more for hanging off the arm of a hunky rugby player or starring in a respectable West End production than stripping down for a photoshoot but Kelly believes she would have got there much faster if she hadn't made some career blunders in the past.

On her glamour modelling past, brunette Kelly told Stella magazine: "Of course I look back on it and think there was something about it that was... I was very young.

"It was good money but, yes, to have someone of that age posing like that... I think that's probably not great."

Kelly, who studied at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, also feels that she was held back by her early television blunders after being fired as the host of morning TV show The Big Breakfast.

On being sacked, she said: "It was very unfair. It was my first job. Of course I was going to make mistakes. What I couldn't understand was why people got so upset about it! It was a big programme in terms of what the media wrote about it, but not that many people watched it."

At the time, Kelly was mocked for struggling to read the autocue and the star felt like she was suffering at the hands of bullies.

She said: "Well, I couldn't [read the autocue], but so what? It was made into such a big deal and it was very upsetting, because it was tantamount to being bullied. I wasn't bullied at school so I couldn't understand what was going on."