17/01/2012 11:28 GMT | Updated 18/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Mark Wright To Reconcile With Lauren Goodger In A Bid To Save Career?

Since leaving The Only Way Is Essex's Mark Wright's career hasn't exactly set the showbiz world on fire and it has now been revealed that he wants to reconcile with ex Lauren Goodger in a bid to save his flagging profile.

According to Reveal magazine, a source said: "Mark's told Lauren he misses her, and has said they could be Essex's version of Posh and Becks - get married, have loads of kids and a big house. He thinks their relationship could be huge and make a fortune."

Doing what exactly? At least David can play football and Victoria has a flair for fashion.

"Mark has kept his contact with Lauren under wraps because his management think it's best that he's single," added the source.

Ladies man Mark? Single?!

The source continued: "They don't think it looks good, especially if he wants to be taken seriously as a presenter. They want him to go to cosmopolitan places in London and be a charmer who mingles with the Take Me Out crew, rather than a geezer who parties at Sugar Hut with his ex-fiancee."

Have they seen his presenting on Take Me Out: The Gossip?