17/01/2012 05:33 GMT | Updated 23/05/2013 08:55 BST

BBC Breakfast Weather Presenter Carol Kirkwood Falls For 'Otter's Pocket' Twitter Prank (Video)

Oh, Alan from North Yorkshire, you are a naughty BBC Breakfast viewer. After all, who else would sneak in an obscure sexual reference into a weather report via Twitter?

Taking the opportunity to tweet at BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood that it was "wetter than an otter's pocket" where he was, Alan's unusual turn of phrase was enough to gain a mention by Ms. Kirkwood live on-air.

Cue one awkward recitation of a rather weird piece of slang, some bemused faces throughout the rest of the studio, and thousands of viewers at home chuckling that somehow, God knows, that phrase got onto their tellybox.

For those who aren't aware what an "otter's pocket" is referring to, allow us to point you in the direction of a highly NSFW definition of the phrase on Seriously, it's for grown-ups only. Fair warning there kids.

Of course this is far from the first time a BBC employee has been caught out by social media pranksters - just remember the terrible time Mark Chapman endured on Radio Five Live back in December...