18/01/2012 14:27 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

All Aboard! Mum Gives Birth On Train After Trying To Beat Rush Hour Traffic

Rabita Sarkar gave birth on a New York subway train AP

A mum who gave birth on board a subway train in New York said she was trying to beat the morning rush hour traffic on her way to hospital.

Rabita Sarkar hopped on a train with her husband, Aditya Saurabh, when she started having contractions. The couple thought the traffic between their home in New Jersey and the hospital in Manhattan would be too heavy to get a cab, so chose public transport instead.

Minutes after the train left Journal Square Station for Manhattan's 33rd Street Station, Rabita gave birth to their son, who is yet to be named.

"We thought we could avoid traffic and take the train into the city," explains new mum, Rabita. "It's just that this guy had other plans, and he came out earlier. He came in a very dramatic fashion."

Rabita Sarkar and husband Aditya Saurabh with their son who was born on a subway train AP

Rabita felt her contractions coming on more strongly as the train arrived at its first stop, just minutes after departing. Aditya looked down and saw their baby boy was starting to crown.

With help from another passenger, dad Aditya delivered his son at 10am. The train driver skipped most of the other stops on the route and got the couple and their son to Manhattan, where emergency services took the family to hospital.

The couple had picked out a name for their son, but are now considering others given his dramatic arrival.

Any bets on a name for the little lad?

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