Coronation Street's Love Triangle Comes To Wedding Climax As Becky McDonald Bows Out

The Truth Is Finally Out

Becky McDonald interrupts Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow's wedding in a heart-stopping moment which brings Coronation Street's love triangle to a tense climax.

In an attempt to get revenge for being falsely accused of causing Tracy's miscarriage, Becky arrives uninvited to the church armed with evidence which proves to her ex-husband she is innocent.

The scene echoes last month's ill-fated wedding between the Street's lesbian couple Sian Powers and Sophie Webster.

Viewers will see Becky interrupt the service by standing up when the priest asks if anyone has any objections to the marriage - much to Tracy's horror.

But fans will have to wait until next week to find out if she derails the big day.

Actress Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, said: "Tracy has been waiting for this day ever since she met Steve. She feels that as long as the secret that Becky's holding doesn't come out, it's in the bag.

"She thinks Becky's gone so when she sees Becky in the church and it's like a nightmare."

The episode is actress Katherine Kelly's last as mouthy Becky, and she is pleased with how her character bows out. She said: "The joy with Becky is that she's always been able to do anything at any point and you never really know what way she's going to go so, for me, it would have been completely believable if her final scenes had seen her on a park bench, high as a kite because why not?

"The ending they chose is really fitting and I hope it's what the nation would want for her, it's certainly what I want for her, and hopefully it's not too predictable."

The episode will be screened on Monday, January 23 on ITV1.


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