18/01/2012 12:25 GMT

Rihanna Poses In Silver Bikini On Hawaii Hol

Honestly, you turn your back for five minutes and Rihanna's found another excuse to whip off her clothes and strip to her smalls.

This time the popstar has posted pictures of herself posing in a futuristic silver bikini on Twitter. Ever the shy and retiring type, eh Ri-Ri?

But at least it gives us all a good excuse to have a big ol' stare (again) at her toned tush.

She's currently enjoying a long break in Hawaii, after her hectic Loud world tour came to an end last month.

The Only Girl singer was pictured yesterday puffing away on a dubious looking cigarette as she chilled out at the beach.

She'll have to be careful in a cozzie like that though - we wouldn't want any nip slips on our hands would we...?


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