18/01/2012 07:52 GMT

Tina Malone To Undergo IVF

Shameless actress Tina Malone has revealed that she is to undergo IVF treatment in a bid to get pregnant at the age of 48.

During an appearance on This Morning the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant spoke about her wish to become a mum again.

"I start next month, so fingers crossed," she said.

Tina, who is already a mum to daughter Danielle is married to 28-year-old personal trainer Paul Chase who she met at boot camp.

She said: "If it doesn't happen I have a daughter. My daughter is an actress in Hollyoaks, and if it doesn't happen we'll get another dog! But it would be nice to have a child together.

"There's nineteen years between me and my partner Paul and I'm happy enough to say that we have a great life and we're incredible happy.

"We've been married two years this August, and we've had three years together next month and only had one night apart!"

Tina sounds like one happy bunny!