19/01/2012 02:38 GMT | Updated 19/01/2012 02:41 GMT

Celebrity Big Brother: Georgia Salpa Evicted From The House, Michael Madsen Remains

Model Georgia Salpa has become the third person to be booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The 26-year-old said she was "relieved" after the public voted to keep American actor Michael Madsen in the reality show.

Greek-born Salpa, who lives in Dublin, told host Brian Dowling that the experience was "stressful".

She was nominated to leave by eight of her fellow housemates.

She said: "I am relieved, it's so stressful in there and it's just so tough. I knew everyone was going to nominate me - I actually don't care that they all nominated me. I am just not the one to start arguments. I just wanted to have fun.

"I am not shy, the first few days in the house I felt really shy and it just took me a really long time to settle in which I didn't think it would. There is a lot of really loud people in the house and they're all really overpowering."

She also quashed rumours of a romance between her and The Only Way Is Essex personality Kirk Norcross by saying she would not date him when he left the house. She said: "He has a girlfriend - who flirts with someone so much and has a girl sitting out there waiting on the outside? If I had a boyfriend I would not be acting like him."

Salpa said that she wanted glamour girl twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon to win the Channel 5 reality contest.

When he heard he had been saved from the chop, Madsen told Big Brother: "I once heard that John Wayne said that everyone hated him except for the public so I guess I am in good company."

After the show, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that they would be performing live face-to-face nominations. Another contestant will be evicted from the house on Friday.

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