The 5 Most Disastrous Soap Weddings

Where It All Went Wrong: 5 Soap Wedding Disasters

Feisty Becky McDonald is preparing to bow out ofCoronation Street the only way she knows how - kicking and screaming of course, but not before she's exposed her ex-husband Steve's new bride Tracey as a fraud.

In an attempt to get revenge for being falsely accused of causing Tracy's miscarriage, Becky arrives uninvited at the church armed with evidence which proves her innocent to a confused Steve.

Monday's episode seemingly follows the dramatic standard for soap weddings, as it's not been long since Corrie had its last disrupted nuptials.

Only last month, the Street's lesbian couple Sian Powers and Sophie Webster's wedding turned sour when Sophie struggled to say her vowels and Sian stormed out of the church in tears.

Steve and Tracey's wedding is bound to be one of the most dramatic the street has ever seen - with two of its strongest female characters going head to head. But what were the top five soap wedding dramas to come before? Check out these bigamists, liars, killers, fraudsters and love cheats who've marched down the aisle soap-style...

1. EastEnders: Phil and Stella

Whatever makes red-faced Phil attractive to women has always been a mystery, but when he headed down the aisle for a fourth time with deranged Stella we didn't envy him. Phil's son Ben revealed Stella had been psychologically and physically tormenting him, just as the happy couple were exchanging rings. Stella ran on to the roof of an abandoned warehouse before 'falling' to her death. Luckily for Phil, he's since settled down with Shirley who, despite liking a fight as much as him, is probably a good egg on the inside.

2. Hollyoaks: Calvin and Carmel's second wedding

Calvin felt uneasy on his second wedding to Carmel - no surprise, considering he'd been sleeping with her sister and half the village knew about it. As their nuptials came to an end, the couple made their way on to the dance floor as man and wife, where Carmel's cousin Theresa made Calvin's earlier vows of "till death do us part" a reality - by shooting him.

3. Coronation Street: Karen and Steve

As Steve's about to make ANOTHER massive mistake in the love department, it's worth remembering his previous wedding day glitches. Including the time he told Karen on their wedding day: "Look, half the street think you're a slag, the other half think you're a nutter. I think you're both!" But strangely that wasn't what scuppered the peace. Instead, it was Tracy Barlow who had other plans for Steve, cancelling the photographer and venue, then announcing in church that he was her baby's father. Karen, understandably, didn't take kindly to such news and ended up whacking her shoe around Tracy's head.

4. Emmerdale: Charity and Tom

Charity Dingle was left sobbing in her bridal gown after being knocked to the ground by ungallant groom-to-be Tom King. Tom's daughter-in-law Sadie convinced Tom that Charity had been unfaithful with her cousin Cain, and thus he saw no answer to the situation other than to leave her jilted at the altar.

5. EastEnders: Peggy and Archie

Peggy had her happy day with Archie sensationally interrupted by Danielle, who thought it might be worth mentioning she was his daughter Ronnie's presumed-dead daughter. When Ronnie discovered Archie had been lying all along about Danielle, she chased after her, but just as the pair were reunited Danielle was accidentally run over by Janine Butcher. And there went Peggy's happy day.


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