Critics' Choice Awards 2012: Carey Mulligan Explains Why She And Michael Fassbender Aren't Friends

'Normal Leading Men... Not Very Attractive'

Carey Mulligan has described the co-stars of her two recent films as "nothing special".

Mulligan was on the red carpet for London's Critics' Circle Awards, for which she was nominated for her roles in both Shame and Drive.

Smiling all the while, the British actress was talking about two of Hollywood's current hottest properties, her Shame colleague Michael Fassbender - who picked up a Best Actor gong last night for his work both in Shame and A Dangerous Method - and her Drive co-star Ryan Gosling.

Mulligan was on fine form as she spoke about what made filming with Fassbender so special - even though they "made a decision not to be friends".

Watch her explain why in the video above, and here are the stars in all their glory braving the London cold for the red carpet:


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