20/01/2012 11:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five-Year-Old Boys ESCAPE From Portsmouth School

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Outraged parents are demanding a Portsmouth primary school steps up its security after two five-year-old boys went AWOL during playtime.

Joseph Potter and Frankie Clark scaled a 4ft fence in the playground and made off through an open gate. School staff followed in hot pursuit of the pair, but lost track of them, and called the police.

The youngsters were hunted for almost an hour, before one of their worried mums, Sapphire Clark, 28, saw them playing in the street.

The two young adventurers were swiftly returned to school unharmed, but furious Mrs Clark says she is 'demanding' improved security in the playground. She told reporters:

"I am really upset about what happened. I can't believe that the school allows the gate to be open during break times. I'm demanding that it improves its security.

I expect my child to be in good hands when I drop him off for school every day. Anything could have happened to him. What would stop my son doing it again now? He now knows how to get out of the school."

Joseph's mum Marie Potter, 30, added that her son 'could have been run over' and that it was the 'worst day of my life'.

The school's head teacher, Andrew Olive, is to meet with school governors to discuss security issues. He said the children had put 'themselves' in a dangerous situation because they 'didn't just walk out of the school. They scaled a 4ft fence.' He added that the school will now 'look into how we can ensure children are kept safe.'

Scary stuff for the parents! What do you think of the head's response?
Have your children ever gone AWOL from school?