Schoolgirl Hanged Herself After Row Over A Pair Of Trainers

Schoolgirl Hanged Herself After Row Over A Pair Of Trainers


An inquest heard yesterday how a 14-year-old girl hanged herself after rowing with her mum over a pair of trainers.

Maenga Morupisi, 14, from Pendleton, Salford, fell out with with her mother Theresa over a list of things she wanted, including trainers, clothes and a laptop.

For two days running, the teen pretended to take an overdose, before then being found hanged in her bedroom.

The court heard that it could have been a ploy to get her mum's attention as there was nothing else in Maenga's life to explain why she would consider suicide.

Detective Inspector Joseph Clarke told the court: "There was no evidence of bullying and she was nothing other than a model pupil. She lived in an impeccable house and had a typical teenage girl's bedroom."

Maenga and her nurse mother had first argued over the items on October 1, and two days later, Theresa found painkillers missing from their home. When asked about them, Maenga cried and said: "I took them because I'm fed up."

Her mum contacted her school about the incident, and said she tried to make her daughter see how serious the situation was. The next morning Maenga complained of feeling unwell and did not go to school. Theresa, who had been working a night shift, went to bed, and when she awoke, found her daughter hanged.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh recorded an open verdict and said: "I commend her mother. She should be proud of the way she brought her up. I'm sure Maenga did the act that caused her death but I'm not sure she intended to take her own life. Her mother worked nights and if she wanted to take her life in private she could have done."

Her mother said she was 'happy' with the verdict.

Such a waste of a young life - how sad?