Victoria Beckham Behind David's Decision To Stay In LA

Posh Wears The Trousers

David Beckham has revealed that wife Victoria was behind his decision to extend his stay with Los Angeles Galaxy - so the family could carry on living in Los Angeles.

Speaking at a Google press conference, the footballer revealed that Posh wanted to stay in California so baby Harper could be brought up Stateside.

David said: "Victoria and the kids have the final answer on where we live. When you're married with children your priorities totally change.

"We love living in LA, we've adapted to the American lifestyle and we've enjoyed our time here and will continue to enjoy it."

The hunky footballer admitted he was surprised and honoured to have had offers from various clubs when his contract with LA Galaxy ended.

He said: "With the new contract, it was a decision I didn't take lightly and at 36-years-old you don't expect these offers as a footballer, but America is where I thought the future was going for the game and where my family is happiest.

"I came to America to grow the game here and I feel I've helped do that. The game is growing and to see when I arrived there were 12 teams and now there are 19 - with stadiums being built solely for soccer - that's the exciting part and one of the reasons I wanted to stay."

In other Beckham news, David revealed that Victoria was pleased with her seat at the royal wedding, despite reports to the contrary, which they denied..

David said: "She needed to be as close to the restroom as possible in case she needed to go. But when we got there, we had perfect seats, she was able to see William and Kate while being five paces away from the restroom."

That's lucky! It would have been pretty unfortunate to get caught short in front of the Queen.



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