23/01/2012 19:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Achtung Baby: It's Goodbye From Me And It's Goodbye From Her

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As a relatively inexperienced and amateur writer, I was elated to be given the chance by Parentdish to write a regular column. I grabbed that opportunity enthusiastically and began to share my thoughts and observations on living in a foreign country, learning a new language and the trials and tribulations of bringing up a bilingual child.

Back then, as my little girl was confusing "sex" with "sechs" and I was lau ghing like a drain whilst simultaneously scribbling in my notebook about it, I could never have imagined that over two years down the line I would still be divulging details of my wonderful life with Finje.

It would of course, be dishonest to deny the somewhat cathartic aspects of putting down in writing that which torments your mind, especially when it comes to parenting.

Over the years I have shared Finje's major milestones; the first bike ride, learning to swim and the very first time she actually appeared to comprehend her gift of bilingualism.

In between fluffy anecdotes and narratives about development, have been numerous tales of woe and far too many "Mumfails". I have alternated between swaggering with pride and venting my spleen and more often than not received a number of comments in return.

Feedback in the form of on line comments has been varied to say the least. In the main, I believe it's fair to say, I received positive and encouraging comments, for which I am deeply grateful. Others have been critical and on occasion downright rude, but for those also, I am beholden. It had been my intention, on occasion, to rock a few boats, a goal I appear to have attained!

But all good things come to an end and this, as far as Parentdish is concerned at least, is the end of the line for Achtung Baby and tales of my Denglisch daughter. So it only remains for me to thank those of you who have been kind enough to indulge me for so long and give you a tip you might well keep in mind if you ever visit Germany: Should you find yourself needing to use the word "preservative" think very very carefully as to the context in which you do. If not, you might find yourself in this situation!

It's goodbye from me.
It's goodbye from her.