23/01/2012 13:05 GMT

Dane Bowers Gets Into Brawl With Photographer After Night Out

We know celebs can sometimes be camera shy, but there are some famous types who will resort to more than popping on some shades and a baseball cap to avoid the snapper's lens.

Take (a newly grey-haired) Dane Bowers for instance. The former Another Level singer found himself in trouble with police after getting into a brawl with a photographer on Friday night.

Dane was enjoying a night at London's 55 Club with Desperate Scousewives star and serial knicker flasher Layla Flaherty, when the night turned sour as they headed to a nearby Subway for some late night munch.

As the pap tried to get pictures of the group, Dane took offence and the pair got into a brawl.

As they grappled with each other, the fisticuffs spilled onto the pavement outside where the former Celebrity Big Brother star tried to tackle the photographer to the floor in front of a London bus.

But their antics didn't go unnoticed and police were soon at the scene and swiftly intervened, taking Dane off to one side.

He then found himself acquainted with the back of a police van, but the boys in blue were only escorting him back to where his car was parked.

After the event, Dane took to Twitter to talk about the incident, praising the police for being helpful.

"Interesting night last night!! Some Paps need to chill though!! Absolute nobheads...Was nice to actually meet a nice helpful policeman too!" he said.

It isn't the first time Dane's met the boys in blue - he was arrested in 2010 after a suspected connection to a Mephedrone drug ring who were exposed as selling the party drug at cage-fighting events across the country.

However, Dane vehemently denied any involvement with the operation and no further action was taken.


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