23/01/2012 09:54 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kate Silverton Talks About 'Miracle' Baby Clemency

Kate Silverton shows off 'miracle' baby Clemency PA

Kate Silverton has spoken about her "miracle" baby girl, Clemency, who she fell pregnant with after four failed IVF attempts.

BBC news presenter Kate, 41, and her husband Michael Heron had lost all hope of becoming parents after stopping IVF treatment, but to their delight, they discovered they had conceived naturally just weeks after their last attempt

They had turned to IVF originally as Kate had lost an ovary in her twenties, and doctors had told her that she was unlikely to conceive without medical intervention.

Clemency was born in November, and Kate tells this week's Hello! magazine that she "still can't believe that she is here", adding that her little daughter's smile "melts me to the core."

She says that Clemency is the "culmination of everything I ever dared imagine or hope for."

"When I have her in my arms, feeding her in the early hours, with Mike sleeping by my side, I look down at her little face and still feel overwhelmed by what's happened," the proud mum explains.

Kate says she is not sure how her natural pregnancy happened after her failed IVF attempts, but says she will "give thanks every day for the rest of her life" for her daughter.

The besotted couple have chosen not to have any help at home with Clemency, preferring to "work as a team" with her, although Kate admits this has been a "steep learning curve".

Kate said her journey to motherhood had made it "heartbreaking" for her to know there were so many couples facing the same difficulties she and Michael had, adding: "I wish that I could spread some of our good fortune to them."

Aw! She sounds like such a loved-up mummy!