24/01/2012 11:14 GMT | Updated 25/03/2012 06:12 BST

Radio Times Editor Ben Preston Apologises After Marine Shows A Bit Too Much During Photo Shoot

Radio Times editor Ben Preston has been forced into a swift apology after a saucy marine took the opportunity of a photo-shoot to to put to bed any argument about how well-equipped in Afghanistan our land forces really are.

A photo has been used by Radio Times and Channel 5 to promote the documentary Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan, and shows a whole bunch of the Royal Marines' 42 Commando Unit shirtless in the desert. But one young soldier was obviously feeling the heat and need to get a bit more sun exposure on himself.

Eagle-eyed readers soon spotted the slip and alerted Radio Times, whose editor has now apologised online. But the Radio Times for next week has already gone to press, so only time will tell if this mishap has any effect on sales.

Here's the photo of the Marines in all their glory, with blushes spared courtesy of the Radio Times: