Amateur Acrobat Completes New Year's Resolution, Backflips Every Single Day For A Year (VIDEO)

WATCH: 365 Backflips A Year

Can you do a backflip? Us neither. But 21-year-old student Sam Morrisson - a.k.a. 'Sam The Cobra' - can... and he's got the video to prove it.

After a $100 bet with his dad, Morrisson decided that 2011 would be the year he backflipped every single day - come rain, come shine. Even if he was unwell, a backflip would be done.

And 365 days later, he's won his bet and become a viral video sensation in the process, thanks to this extraordinary video of his extraordinary feat.

That said, this clip we've got for you here is just a highlight reel - for all the details on every single flip, check out his Tumblr blog, which has the whole story, from beginning to end.

Amazingly, his acrobatic talents have nothing to do with his current degree, with Sam expected to complete his Information Management and Technology course at Syracuse University, New York, come 2013 - but at least if the ol' IT game doesn't work out, at least he's got a YouTube career to fall back on, eh?


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