26/01/2012 04:21 GMT | Updated 26/01/2012 04:24 GMT

Brazilian Bank Robber Shoots Himself In The Foot... Literally (VIDEO)

Brazilian police from the state of Parana have released footage of possibly the most incompetent robber of all time - the man who shot himself in the foot... literally.

Guarding the bank's front door while his partners-in-crime were busy inside, he's caught on CCTV playing with his pistol before letting a round off into his leg.

To make matters worse, after successfully limping away from the scene, he later went to a local hospital for treatment - and was promptly arrested.

The rest of the gang did get away, and police are still looking for them - so if you happen to be in Brazil in the next few days, and happen to meet a group of blundering ne'er-do-wells, please do let us - and the police - know as soon as possible.