26/01/2012 07:29 GMT | Updated 27/03/2012 06:12 BST

Demi Moore Replaced By Chloe Sevigny In 'Lovelace'

Chloe Sevigny has signed on to join the Lovelace cast a day after Demi Moore quit the project to battle health issues.

The actress will play a journalist in the biopic about porn star-turned-activist Linda Lovelace.

She joins Amanda Seyfried, who is portraying the title character in the film, Peter Sarsgaard, Hank Azaria, Adam Brody and Sharon Stone, among others.

The Hollywood Reporter has also confirmed James Franco will star as Playboy boss Hugh Hefner in the film.

Moore, who was cast as feminist icon Gloria Steinem, pulled out of the project on Tuesday after entering a treatment centre for exhaustion and to "improve her overall health".

The film's producer, Patrick Muldoon, has previously revealed that Mamma Mia! star Seyfried won't be shy shooting the movie as she will be stripping off for full-frontal nude scenes.

Muldoon said: "It's very risque and there will be lots of nakedness in the movie, especially for Seyfried. It's a new thing for her."