26/01/2012 05:41 GMT | Updated 27/03/2012 06:12 BST

National Television Awards: The Favourite Red Carpet Pose (PICS)

Many celebrities stepped up to receive a gong at at this year's National Television Awards. But when it came to red carpet poses, there could be only one winner.

And that was: the left hand on the left hip.

As any woman who constantly has her photograph taken (ie. a celebrity) knows, the 'hand on hip' pose is an extremely flattering one, as it makes your arms - well, your left one, at least - look slimmer. It's also more likely to lead to you having your picture taken - because it's more interesting and glamorous to a photographer than, say, standing straight to camera with your arms by your side. In that sense, it is the female equivalent of a male star standing with one hand ever-so casually tucked into a (usually left) pocket.

But enough of all this explanation. Because the evidence really lies in the photographs, doesn't it? Take it away, Mr Paparazzo...

Red carpet arms at NTAs

All pictures: PA