27/01/2012 06:54 GMT | Updated 27/01/2012 08:49 GMT

Bassist Swings Guitar Around His Neck And Onto The Ground In On-Stage Flair Fail (VIDEO)

Mason Wittmer is the rhythm guitarist for unsigned Pennsylvanian rock band StillWaiting - a man capable of keeping time, strumming strings and, um, throwing guitars around his neck.

Or so he thought, anyway, until one of his guitar swings went really rather wrong at a gig recently.

Caught on camera and swiftly uploaded online, the accident has gone viral on YouTube, with several more experienced guitar-swingers suggesting he invests in a strap lock or two before he tries it again.

Elsewhere, obligatory 'flying guitar' gags have been enjoyed, as well as a suggestion that perhaps the musical instrument in question was just committing suicide.

To find out more about StillWaiting, check out their Myspace page here. That's right, Myspace page - it's like it's the noughties again, isn't it? Ah, those were the days...

And in case you were wondering how it's meant to be done, take a look at The Boss being, well, a bit of a boss, below...