27/01/2012 09:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kelly Brook Shows Us Her Coconuts In Green Bikini

Kelly Brook shows us her coconuts in green bikini Photo: Kelly Brook/Instagram

Mostly we are posting this picture of Kelly Brook because we wanted to use the coconuts headline. It's very classy reporting but y'know what? Kelly is lovely (we met her at London Fashion Week*), her bikini is lovely, and we wish we were on holiday instead of typing at our desks while a pigeon with a bad attitude watches us through the window.

*The clanging noise you just heard was the sound of MyDaily doing some completely unnecessary name dropping.

The model is currently in Brazil and seems to be having a grand old time, tweeting pictures like the above from her @IAMKELLYBROOK account and saying things like: "Breakfast time.... Grab the Coconuts!!"

You can see more pictures of Kelly wearing pretty skimpy things thanks to the New Look lingerie gallery below: