Awesome Dad Dicken Schrader Covers Depeche Mode's 'Everything Counts' With His Kids (VIDEO)

Ever experienced 'Dad envy'? Essentially it's the feeling felt when you see a dad so brilliant, you wish he was your dad - and in so doing, you wish away all the hard work and love your male parent has give you over the years.

It's an emotional rollercoaster, we're telling you - and one we're about to put you on, all thanks to certifiable superperson Dicken Schrader, who brought together his kids and his video editing skills to produce the Depeche Mode cover of the century.

Everything Counts is the track they went for, with little 'uns Milah and Korben standing beside him as they recreate some classic 1980s electro-pop.

Natually, you'll immediately want to watch/hear the original to work out which is the better version, and to help you do that, here it is for you below. We're too kind to you, we know.

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