30/01/2012 08:05 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Justin Bieber - How Did You Allow This Jacket To Happen?

What must have happened in the mind of that nice young chap Justin Bieber on his way to the NRJ Music Awards ceremony that meant he showed up on the red carpet wearing a jacket made from what looked like the material you use to cover baby changing mats?

Justin Bieber - how did this happen? Photo: PA

I mean, really.

And, while we're examining his styling, the rest of it isn't amazing either.

It is definitely the look that fourteen-year-old schoolboys think makes them look super-awesome while they're smoking cigarettes they got someone else to buy for them at the bus station. Those trousers are very much the result of a mother's "You'll grow into them" mentality and the trainers are all "I know I'll get told to change out of these as soon as I arrive at registration but I don't care because I'm a REBEL."

Justin Bieber - how did this happen? Photo: PA

Yes, that's right - you take a long hard look at yourself Mr Bieber. That *is* an inexpertly worn tie. Those *are* very raggedy shirt seams. That *is* a horrendously horrendous jacket. You'll realise all these things in juuuuust a moment...

Justin Bieber - how did this happen? Photo: PA

... or not.

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