31/01/2012 09:37 GMT

145 Water-Skiers Break World Record (VIDEO)

How many people do you think could water-ski off the back of one boat? 50? 75? 100? Well, as it turns out, the magic number is... 145.

It would have been more, but despite 154 people donning their wetsuits, strapping on their skis and taking to the water at the beginning, nine volunteers fell during the nautical mile-long event off West Strahan Beach, Strahan, Tasmania.

Fortunately, 145 was still enough to beat the world record, with the Guinness team set to ratify everything shortly.

Amazingly, in order for avoid ropes getting tangled, the 114ft catamaran that pulled the skiers required a 308ft aluminium boom of the back of it - producing this astonishing footage we have for you here.