31/01/2012 21:14 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Four Children Found In Boot Of Car Carrying TEN Passengers

Driver put four children in boot of car for journey! PA

A driver who took to the roads with four children travelling in the BOOT of his car has been fined more than £1,300 and slapped with a year's driving ban.

Zoltan Lakatos, 38, was caught by police in Leicester who found he had a staggering 10 people in his Audi A4, including the four youngsters shut in the boot.

The car had three adults and two other children on the back seat, and an adult passenger in the front.

Lakatos was convicted at Leicester Magistrates' Court of using a motor vehicle to carry passengers in such a way as to create a danger of injury to them and of driving without insurance.

Shocking! Who would EVER shut anyone - let alone four children - in the boot of a car!