31/01/2012 19:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Midwife Plans 'Sexy' DVD To 'Glam' Up Breastfeeding

An independent midwife is planning to make a DVD that 'glamorises' breastfeeding in a bid to get the Government to take notice of her campaign to 'normalise' feeding, and get rid of its 'hippy' or 'elitist' connotations.

Virginia Howes was due to begin making her Christmas themed film last week, but snow and ice delayed the filming. Miss Howes has instead vowed to make a spring themed movie with a new script which will be ready for release in April 2011.

The midwife told reporters: 'I think breastfeeding needs to be normalised. In order to make people sit up and take notice I want to glamorise it, in an effort to normalise it. The DVD will be sassy and funny, very tongue in cheek, with young women dancing while holding babies.They will be breastfeeding showing it can be normal for a young, trendy woman and not just something that is elitist or hippy. It is a normal and mainstream.'

She added the film will feature six main 'sexy and sassy' breastfeeding mums, with a supporting cast of around one hundred. Miss Howes has recruited her artists from Facebook.

The project has been self-financed by Miss Howes, who will use social networking sites to promote the finished film.

She hopes that she will be commissioned to make more movies once health officials have seen the initial DVD.

'We believe seeing happy, smiling, formula fed babies on TV advertising should be banned,' she said, 'There is a need for a strong breastfeeding campaign as was seen with the anti smoking and seat belt drive. Breastfeeding is a public health issue and needs urgently addressing.'

She said the National Childbirth Trust supported the film, and would be putting it on their website.

'When people say 'breast is best' it makes it seem like an elitist thing,' she added, 'You cannot always do the best for your child, so you can settle for what okay, which is the way women think it is okay to use formula. But it is risk behaviour and you are taking risks with your child's health.'

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