31/01/2012 20:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Who Campaigned For Safer Home Births Dies After Giving Birth At Home

Mum who campaigned for safer home births dies after giving birth in her own home Alamy

A woman who campaigned for home births has died after giving birth to her daughter at home in Australia, reports the Daily Mail.

Caroline Lovell, 36, gave birth to her second baby, daughter Zahra at home, but was then rushed to hospital in a critical condition, where she later died.

Caroline was a huge supporter of home births, and made a submission to the Australian Government supporting the notion that ensured midwives attending deliveries at home had funding.

It is understood that Caroline had private midwives with her at the birth of Zahra, but following the birth was rushed to Melbourne's Austin Hospital in cardiac arrest, and died the next day.

Caroline had previously argued midwives who help with home births should receive more funding, and be legally protected. In her submission to the Government on the matter, she said:

"'On a personal note, I am quite shocked and ashamed that home birth will no longer be a woman's free choice in low-risk pregnancies.

"I urge you to make some way that home births may go ahead past July 2010 (when changes tightening the laws were due to come in). Please find a solution for women and babies who home-birth after this date as their lives will be in threat without proper midwifery assistance.

"And as a homebirthing mother I will have no choice but to have an unassisted birth at home as this is the place I want to birth my children."

Joy Johnston, a spokeswoman for Australia's Midwives in Private Practice said an official investigation was needed into Caroline's death, adding that "this is an issue about birth, not so much about home births."

What a tragic story.
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