31/01/2012 19:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Not Weaning Until 6 Months Could Lead To Obesity, Allergies And Food Aversion

Leaving weaning until 6 months can lead to obesity, allergies Mothers are being warned that breastfeeding or bottle feeding exclusively for six months may not be best for their babies.

New research on when to wean a baby has called a decade of official advice into doubt.

Whilst official guidelines cite the World Health Organisation's (WHO) 2001 advice to breastfeed for six months before introducing solids, new research suggests exclusive milk feeding could put babies at risk of risk of allergies, food aversion and even obesity.

The scientists behind the report also claim that babies can be given solids safely at least eight weeks earlier than present advice dictates.

The study at University College London's Institute of Child Health says exclusive breastfeeding may be responsible for babies suffering allergies and iron deficiency and deter them from eating bitter tasting food thus fuelling the rise in obesity.

The British Medical Journal, who has published the results of the survey, has faced criticism from the Royal College of Midwives who say the findings can only benefit the baby food industry.

The Department of Health was sticking by the WHO guidelines, but said it has asked scientists to consider all the evidence and report back later in the year.

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