31/01/2012 16:13 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

School Bans Ugg Boots After Kids Hid Mobile Phones Inside

Ugg boot ban for school kids PA

A U.S school is banning pupils from wearing Ugg boots and other footwear of the same style because kids hide their mobile phones down them.

Pottstown Middle School in Pennsylvania will enforce the ban from today.

The district director of community relations, John Armato said "cell phones are a problem for obvious reasons", whilst superintendent Reed Lindley said the school's headteacher asked for the boot ban to be put in place "because of the classroom disruptions that are resulting from ringing cell phones."

Children can still wear warm winter boots to class, but they have to lace up and have a snug fit.

Mr Armato said those flouting the Ugg ban will get a detention on the first occasion, whilst subsequent violations would result in two detentions, followed by confiscation of the phone.

One parent has gone on the record as saying the ban is "extreme". Adrienne Beyer told reporters:

"I understand there may be a handful of kids that shove cell phones down their boots, but why does the handful have to ruin it for the other 600 students? But, I said to my daughter, 'It's a rule and we're going to follow it,'".

Phones down boots!
Surely kids can hide their mobiles somewhere else?!
What do you think, mad rule or entirely sensible?