31/01/2012 15:48 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Why Is Talking About Bed Wetting Such A Taboo?

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We're renowned for proudly over-sharing and discussing everything and anything our children do, but it seems there's still one subject we're keeping tight lipped on.

It turns out half of us have never talked to other mums and dads about our children wetting the bed, according to new stats from DryNites.

Despite more than half a million young children suffering from bed wetting, it seems we're keeping mum on the matter, choosing not to seek advice and help from friends who are probably in the same boat, because we're either embarrassed or find it awkward.

DryNites spoke to more than 1,000 parents across the UK, with many admitting to feeling upset and stressed about bed wetting, and concerned their child is unhappy and embarrassed about the problem.

Another big issue for the parents questioned was sleepovers; worrying their child would be put off staying over at friends' houses because of the issue, and 23 per cent actually blaming themselves for their child's bed wetting, despite it being such a common problem.

Commenting on the findings, child psychologist Emma Kenny said: "While your child wetting the bed can be quite distressing, parents need to reassure their children that this is a very normal, natural part of growing up, and they are in no way at fault.

"Children who are experiencing bedwetting need support and encouragement, and this is more likely to happen if their parents feel able to discuss the subject.


Bedwetting regularly affects a fifth of five-year-olds, so it's a lot more common than many parents might think.


"By talking about it to their children, other parents and professionals, worries ease and parents get the support they need to reassure their child."

Have you had issues with bed wetting in your household?
Are you embarrassed to talk to your friends about it, or does anything go when you're discussing your children?