01/02/2012 13:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

David Beckham Launches H&Amp;M Underwear Collection In London. Girls Gather.

David Beckham himself hit H&M on Regent's Street this afternoon to launch his debut underwear collection in the flesh. Cue swarms of girls descending, much screaming, traffic coming to halt, etc etc.

We were hoping he was going to be modelling said underwear, but to our supreme disappointment, Becks arrived all wrapped up in jeans and a cream cardigan. (We'll let him off, it is pretty cold outside.)

David Beckham at the H&M underwear launch on Regent's Street OMG it's DB! The welcome committee greet David Beckham as he arrives at the Regent's Street branch of H&M. Photo:PA

And, of course MyDaily was there to capture all the action.

Actually, our roving reporter is still there (follow her on Twitter @MyDailyUK.) But we're slightly worried she might have a)fainted b)cried c)thrown herself at him or d)all of the above. But when she does eventually finish swooning and make her way back to the office (hopefully with lots of signed pairs of pants), we'll have more insider info for you. Okay?

UPDATE: Here's our lovely Amy with her new boyfriend. The rest of us aren't jealous at all. NOT ONE BIT.

David Beckham launches H&M underwear collection in London. Girls gather. The new Mr and Mrs Beckham. He thought he was just signing a photo, but really it was a legally-binding marriage contract. Photo:MyDaily

In the meantime, see what all the fuss is about by browsing the gallery below:

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