03/02/2012 06:23 GMT

Geeky Girl Makes Lego Millennium Falcon Time-Lapse Clip, Breaks Nerds' Hearts (VIDEO)

Cute girl? Check. Big glasses? Check. Lego Millennium Falcon? Check. Congratulations, you have all you need to break thousands of nerds' hearts.

Calling herself 'Valkyrie', the Ellen Page sound-a-like even has Transformers stickers on her wall - such is her unabashed nerdiness.

The fact that she's assembling a 'Lego Star Wars 7965: Millennium Falcon' is almost by the by... most geeks worth will have fallen for her in the first few seconds.

Requiring four hours, five minutes to construct, the footage of Valkyrie making the toy of toys is sped up so it only takes seven minutes or so to watch through on YouTube.

The result? People proposing in the comment box. Hopefully, they're joking. Hopefully.

Of course, if you want to get nerds really excited, you can always show them someone making a functioning computer out of Lego - that always does the trick.