Hula Hoop Camera Will Make You Dizzy... In A Good Way (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hula Hoop Camera May Make You Dizzy

Get dizzy easily? Find playground roundabouts a little too much? Then boy, do we not have a video for you.

But if you're made of sterner stuff, then prepare to be amazed by something as simple as an HD camera and a hula hoop.

Shot by 27-year-old hula hoop enthusiast Helen Buckley in the back garden of her London home, this YouTube video shows a toy's eye view of the world as it spins round and round and round.

If you're curious about the camera she's used, it's a GoPro HD Hero camera, with a wide angle lens of 180 degrees. And as for the music, that's Paper Moon by Booka Shade.

But it's not the first time the GoPro HD camera has been used to record awesome stuff - more and more action-filled YouTube clips seem to be shot on them, and to celebrate that fact, here are some of our favourites over the past few years. Trampoline bike-jumping? In HD? Yes please.


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