TV For The Weekend: Egypt, Borgen, Being Human, Jonathan Ross, Call The Midwife...

TV For The Weekend: Being Human Returns

I know I didn’t think it could get colder than last week, but I was wrong. So that's surely even better reason to stay in with a hot toddie, a warm cat and find out what's crackling on the box this weekend. No Sherlock, no Birdsong, but anything of equal import instead? Here are our tips:


Egypt: Children of the Revolution - 7pm, BBC2

Egyptians celebrated night and day when their tyrannical leader Mubarak fell a year ago. But have the hopes for a country reborn been satisfied? The production team charted a year in the life of three young citizens since the dramatic events in Tahrir Square caught the world's imagination.

Room 101 - 8.30pm, BBC1

Imagine a dinner party where the guests include Alice Cooper, Chris Tarrant and Chris Packham! Unlikely, I know, but that's the vibe Frank Skinner manages to pull off with his eclectic collection of companions for this episode. All three are on form, with Packham in particular a witty revelation, and the show continues to prove the new formula was a worthy revamp.

How Brits Rocked the West - 9pm, BBC4

Led Zeppelin, Cream and the Beatles are among tonight's subjects as this series continues to chart British music success across the Atlantic. The big rock sounds may have been more suited to the enormous US venues, but it was the Beatles that caused famously hysterical reactions - shouting, crying, screaming, to such an extent that, as Macca recalls, "we couldn’t hear ourselves at all."


Borgen - 9pm, 10pm, BBC4

Get the hankies out and wave goodbye to another cracking Danish drama - as Borgen finishes its ten-episode run tonight, after working its monochromatic, Scandi-stylish, subtitled place into our hearts. No one's smiling as much as they were at the beginning - PM Birgitte has run out of people to charm, with her Cabinet fraying and her husband sulking, and journalist Katrine looks increasingly astonished at the compromises she's forced to make in her news achor seat. Only Kasper, the PM's slick spin doctor, has shown an increasingly vulnerable side with last week's revelation about his family life. Will he be rewarded with a kiss from Katrine in this week's finale? Hopefully but, with more political intrigue via military spending and allegations of corruption at the highest level, she might have other things on her mind.

The Jonathan Ross Show - 9pm, ITV1

As usual, there's a motley but interesting crew on Wossy's sofa, with comedian Kevin Bridges and the polarising, Marmite-like Keira Knightley. But nobody can steal a show from David Beckham, on a tantalising trip to the UK from his permanent LA base. Last time Beckham went on a British chat show (Parky), he became forever christened 'Goldenballs' after an indiscreet slip from his wife. What will tonight bring forth?


Call The Midwife - 8pm, BBC1

Still enjoying huge ratings, this Sunday night comforter is now well into its stride for its fourth episode out of six. There's a dramatic chain of events after an elegant lady storms out of the clinic - this series is not shy of portraying problems around class divides - and a young father loses his baby, but also some light relief in the form of romance for Miranda Hart as Chummy, whose relationship with the shy constable could be about to take an extra step.

Being Human - 9pm, BBC3

This is one of those series that punches well above its weight, with a cult following making it one of the channel's big guns, as it heads tonight into its fourth series.

With typical verve, writer Toby Whithouse has moved everyone 25 years into the future, and into dramatically changed circumstances. Fans still getting over the demise of Mitchell (played by Aidan Turner), will have more than his absence to adjust to, with the supernatural gang making their presence felt in colourful fashion - even professionally pale Annie (Lenora Chrichlow), the only remaining character from the original show.

Here are some pics of Being Human:


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