03/02/2012 10:06 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

You're Kidding, Right? Meet George Clooney's Winning "Lookalike"

One of these three gentlemen has been crowned the winner of a George Clooney lookalike competition and is being treated to a trip to the Oscars. No, really.

You're kidding, right? Meet George Clooney's winning 'lookalike' Photo: Eoin Hennessy/Rex Features

Did you guess which one? Because we didn't. We thought it was the guy on the right. Or possibly the guy in the background tending bar. In actual fact the certificate was awarded to David James Glendon (the man holding said certificate on the left of the picture). Again, we are not kidding you.

The slightly unconventional choice of winner - unconventional in that, y'know, he looks nothing like the Hollywood star - beat no fewer than 782 fellow entrants to win the Oscars visit in the contest held at Dylan's Whiskey bar in Kilkenny, Ireland. This is STILL not a joke.

Apparently it wasn't just Glendon's looks which led him to victory but the fact that he and George share a profession. According to contest organiser Gabriel Murray - a local filmmaker and historian - "We took into consideration in deciding the winner that David is a local actor."

The whole competition stems from Murray's research into Clooney's ancestors which revealed the actor has roots in the Kilkenny area.

That's as may be, and David Glendon looks to be a lovely chap (we can tell from how he's holding his certificate - it's modest but tender) BUT, and we cannot overstate this, he looks nothing like George.

You're kidding, right? Meet George Clooney's winning 'lookalike' It's uncanny... Photos: Startraks Photo/Rex, Eoin Hennessy/Rex Features

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