03/02/2012 13:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

You Tube Sensation: Breast Cancer Mum Has Hair Cut By Six-Year-Old Daughter

A You Tube video of a little girl cutting the hair of her cancer-sufferer mum has been attracting hundreds of views.

Little Lola Etchells, who is six, was filmed by her dad Craig as she chopped off mum Sara's hair.

Sara had wanted her daughter to understand how she would look after going through chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Sara, 44, said: "Your hair is your identity. Lola cutting mine off was very cathartic. We were both laughing. We made it into a happy, giggly positive thing."

The family never intended for the film to be released, and made it only as a memento for themselves however, when friends and family were visibly moved by it, they decided to post it on YouTube.

Craig, 40, said he realised it could have a lot of impact and be helpful to other families going through a similar situation. He said: "We were trying to help Lola understand what it all means. At first it was difficult for her to watch the video without getting upset but she now knows it's for a good cause. They were both laughing in the film because Lola said, 'You are going to look like daddy when I am finished – two baldies!'

"I realised the impact the video could have. It's a very personal moment and it was very brave of Sara to let it go but we thought we could do some good with it."

Sara, who works as a breastfeeding support worker, was diagnosed with breast cancer last September.

She and Craig have six children between them and say its the youngsters who are keeping Sara going. Craig told the Mirror: "The natural reaction is to burst into tears but having got over the initial shock you have to be positive.

"Sara has smiled her way through it all and the biggest thing that's kept her going are the children. They are the reason to get up in the morning and keep fighting. We've kept nothing a secret from them. That way it's become part of their lives and they understand it better."

Sara is now half-way through chemotherapy and will go on to have radiotherapy and five years of hormone treatment.

The family are planning to make more videos to raise money for various cancer charities.