06/02/2012 10:17 GMT | Updated 07/04/2012 06:12 BST

Homs Attack: 'I'm Not Safe At All', Says Under Fire Activist In Baba Amr

As the bombardment continues in Homs, one activist in the district of Baba Amr told the Huffington Post UK that he fears for his life.

"I am not safe at all," said Omar Shakir, a 21-year-old "freedom fighter" in the besieged suburb.

Over Skype, Omar said that he was woken to the sound of mortar fire on Monday morning.

"They're shelling us by rockets," he said.

"This morning, there was one shell every minute. Now it's more than one a minute".

Omar is hunkered down in his apartment. Despite fearing for his safety, he said he has "no plans to go".

He is with his friends but they "can't do anything" while rockets are raining down.

In regard to the international community, he said "there is no help", adding that he didn't expect any.

"We will defend ourselves," he said, but didn't know what to do about the rocket fire.

In the district, Omar said that there have been 320 injuries and 30 "martyrs" over the weekend.

Figures remain unconfirmed due to restrictions on foreign journalists in Syria.

When asked if he thought the Assad forces are trying to wipe out the town, he replied starkly "I think so".

Speaking from Homs, British-born Syrian activist Danny Abdul Dayem told the BBC: "There are pieces of bodies on the street".

Dayem also told the Telegraph: "They have been hitting us with rockets for four hours now. If you don't help us they will kill millions and no-one will find out about us. Please someone help us".

Wissam Tarif, arab world campaigner with the global campaign organisation Avaaz, told he Huffington Post UK: "The humantarian situation in Homs is catastrophic. Mortars and shells are raining down on people's homes, injuring scores of people who are dying from their wounds as medical supplies have all but run dry in the field hospitals.

"Even the Red Crescent has run out of life-saving drugs and surgical equipment. Through using their vetos last Saturday, Russia and China have allowed this brutal bloodbath to happen."

According to Reuters, more than 50 people have died on Monday in the attack on Homs. In response to the shelling, the US has closed its embassy in Damascus.