06/02/2012 10:48 GMT | Updated 06/02/2012 12:18 GMT

Women Getting Angry At Computers: A Gallery (PICTURES)

Hot on the heels of our awkward couples gallery, we thought it was about time we brought you some more pictorial magic. This time from the world in which women laugh alone with salad: the world of stock images.

And as it's a Monday, we thought we'd kick it off with a round-up of women getting angry at computers. Yes, you may think your working week is bad - but it ain't a patch on these poor ladies'.

We have no idea what's making them quite so angry - but as you'll see as you click through our gallery, they pass through the classic stages of denial, anger (mainly anger, to be fair), bargaining, depression, and finally, in the last picture, acceptance. At least, we think it's acceptance. It's either that, or a yoga position.

Angry Computer Women

(All images: Alamy)