07/02/2012 04:42 GMT

Daredevil Takes Mobility Scooter Out For A 50mph Spin In The Snow (VIDEO)

Back on 14 October 2010, serial daredevil Colin Furze took a modified mobility scooter to a racetrack and got it up to 71.59mph, breaking the Guinness World Record.

These days, Mr. Furze still likes to drive his scooter around, but with a little twist - he does it in the snow. Well, at least there's one advantage to all this snow recently, eh?

His vehicle of choice still has a 1997 CR125 motocross bike engine crammed inside - complete with twin exhausts and five gears - but despite what you might expect, it's actually easier to drive on the snow than on a normal road, as "as the steering isn't so responsive."

Describing the experience as "BLOODY WICKED" on his YouTube video channel, it's a huge joy to watch - though it does make you wander for Furze's sanity. Seriously, who blasts a scooter down an icy road at 50mph? In a flatcap? This guy does.

And to see a scooter go at 70mph, here's the original record-breaking video below. Shame he's not wearing an old suit and a flatcap here, mind. Boo.