07/02/2012 07:55 GMT

Norwegian TV Show Finds Out What Happens With You Fill A Room Full Of Water (VIDEO)

Ever felt the urge to fill a room full of water? The guys behind Norwegian TV show Do Not Do This At Home have - and they've acted upon that urge.

Recording the event for their publicly-funded NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) show, hosts Rune Nilson and Per Olav Alvestad blast gallons of water into an abandoned house to "test the warnings" - presumably, in this case, the warning was 'don't fill your house full of water'.

But fill their house full of water they do, and the results are pretty spectacular. Water, as you'd expect, goes everywhere, and then, well... you'll have to wait and see.

Some commenters beneath the original YouTube video have been up in arms about it being a waste of water, a waste of house, and a waste of time - with others pointing out the water will only, you know, be soaked up by the ground again, so we really shouldn't worry.

Still, if you fancy a squabble about the pointlessness of it all, please feel free to start one in the comment box below. Then remember that Norway's the place that brought you A-ha and Take On Me. Always important to remember that, we find.