07/02/2012 12:50 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Ouch! Baby Born Weighing 15lbs 5oz In China

Last month we brought you the story of the woman who gave birth to 13lb 12oz baby - with no pain relief. Today, we have the even more wince inducing news of the woman who gave birth to a 15lb 5oz - more than twice the weight of an average newborn.

Chun Chun was born on Saturday in the Henan province of China and has claimed the title of China's heaviest baby on record.

Chun Chun's 29-year-old mother gave birth to her record-breaking son just after the start of the Chinese New Year, which started on January 23.

The year of the dragon is considered a particularly lucky time to have a child, as proud father Han Jingang explained: "My wife was not different from other pregnant women.

"She ate and drank normally, as she should. But she's given birth to such a big, fat son.

"Today is the first day of spring in the Chinese calendar and he's a 'dragon baby'.

I feel very happy."

Juding by her appearance on the video, his wife looked a little more stunned. It's not known whether the baby was born by Caesarean. (We rather hope so!)

Can you beat a 15lb 5oz baby? Let us know