07/02/2012 05:54 GMT | Updated 07/02/2012 05:54 GMT

Are These Spider-Pig Simpsons Parodies Better Than The New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer? (VIDEOS)

So here it is, the latest Amazing Spider-Man trailer, full of web-slinging action, wisecracks and flashbacks - but no Spider-Pigs. Quite frankly, this is an outrage. We demand more Spider-Pigs.

Ever since 2007's The Simpsons Movie, where Spider-Pig / Plopper was first introduced to us, we've been waiting for another Spider-Man movie to allude to his porcine rival - but from the looks of the trailers we've seen so far, we've been waiting in vain.

So to celebrate pig-kind, The Simpsons, and Spider-Man himself, here's the original Spider-Pig scene itself (see above) and a video gallery of our favourite homages and spoofs of said arachno-oinker (see below).

For more details on the Andrew Garfield-starring film, head this way - and if you spot any pigs, let us know. But before you do that, check out this cat walking on the ceiling, Spider-Pig stylee. Go on, you owe it to yourself.