Tonight's TV Pick: Strictly Soulmates

Tonight's TV Pick: Strictly Soulmates

Strictly Soulmates - 9.00pm, BBC3

How do you find a partner when you aren't allowed to date? That's what tonight's Strictly Soulmates on BBC3 at 9pm explores as three young traditional Muslims allow cameras to follow them as they search for 'The One'.

We're used to watching dating programmes where hopeless romantics look for love online, on Paddy McGuinness's Take Me Out, or after trying out for a partner in a humiliating manner on a reality TV show. However, Strictly Soulmates is a dating show with a twist and tonight's episode is set to give audiences a window onto an otherwise unseen world.

This evening Naila Ahmed is expected to enter into an arranged marriage, Zubair Asghar wants to find a wife who will move to Pakistan with him, and 31-year-old doctor Dimpy Malik reveals why she has already turned down 60 potential husbands who failed to meet her long list of requirements.

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