10/02/2012 12:23 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Sisters Give Birth To Baby Girls Within Hours Of Each Other In The Same Hospital!

Sisters Nicole Jeffs and Elisa Pass

Talk about keeping it in the family.

Sisters Nicole Jeffs, 19, and Elisa Pass, 30, both gave birth to baby girls, in the same hospital ward within hours of each other!

The close-knit pair actually discovered they were pregnant on the same day, and although they were due a fortnight apart, both their daughters arrived within hours of each other.

Nicole went into labour at 2am, and gave birth to daughter Isla, weighing 7lb, 1oz, after a 14 hour labour at 6pm.

Elisa gave birth to daughter Hollie, weighing 8lb, 12oz, seven hours after her sister - at 1am the next day.

"It's just amazing and we still can't believe our luck," says Nicole, who is a first time mum with her partner, Adam Batchelor.

"At first it was a big shock because I got to the hospital and then mum had a call saying Elisa had started in labour and was on her way too.

"All the way through the pregnancies we were able to be there for each other and it was fantastic that we were able to share having little girls at the same time.

"Hopefully Isla and Hollie will be really close just like we are. Our mum was brilliant."

The girls' poor mum Gail, 56, and dad, Paul, 48, had to dart between the delivery suites at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport during both labours, determined not to miss either birth!

Nicole and Elisa were moved into the same ward after the births, and went home with their new arrivals two days later.

Elisa, who lives with partner Stephen Harper, 32, and their sons Luke, seven, and Jacob, three, said: "I'm so chuffed not only for me but also for Nicole. It's a dream come true.

"It's a shame they weren't born on the same day but you can't have everything!"

The girls are thought to be the only sisters to have given birth at Stepping Hill Hospital within the same 24-hour period.

Julie Estcourt, head of midwifery, said: "This is a wonderful story that has delighted everyone. We deliver over 4,000 babies a year and this is the first time we've had two sisters give birth so close together."

Congratulations girls, now that's what we call a sister act!