Tom Daley Strips Down For LMFAO 'Sexy And I Know It' Beach Spoof (VIDEO)

Tom Daley's Sexy And He Knows It

Whilst the UK is frozen over Tom Daley is in sunny Australia with his fellow Team GB divers and the sports star has taken some time out of his hectic training schedule to have some fun.

Tom, 17, has posted a YouTube video of himself and his fellow teammates performing some dodgy dance moves during a lip-synch version of LMFAO hit Sexy And I Know It.

The gold medal winner and his diver pals Tonia Couch, Chris Mears, Nicolas Robinson-Baker, Jack Laugher, Sarah Barrow and Max Brick show off their athletic physiques in the video which was filmed on a sandy beach in Adelaide.

Taking to Twitter, Tom wrote: "The British divers' version of the @LMFAO video is out very soon!!! You are all going to love prepared for a lot of skin ;)"

The film begins with the question: "Ever wondered how Tom Daley and his Team GB diving squad friends relax between training sessions?", before the group break into a pelvis-thrusting routine.

After prancing around on the sand for the opening scenes, Tom and his mates appear to have taken tips from a cheesy stripper as they whip off their shorts and are left wearing only their skimpy Speedos and bikinis.

Aquatic expert Tom is due to take part in his first competition of the year soon and is heading to Southend this weekend to train for the FINA Visa World Cup, the official test event for the Olympics.

Speaking about the summer event, Tom recently told the Daily Telegraph: "The London Olympics really excites me and I can't wait to have the opportunity to compete in front of that home crowd. The World Series in Sheffield was amazing because of the crowd and there were only 600 people there and it'll be incredible when we have thousands in London."



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