12/02/2012 21:25 GMT | Updated 13/04/2012 06:12 BST

BAFTA Awards: The Help's Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer Honour Whitney Houston Ahead Of Ceremony

The Help stars Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis both paid tribute to Whitney Houston as they attended the BAFTAs in London, where they were both nominated for Awards.

Spencer revealed on the red carpet that she had lost her own mother at a young age, and so she hoped Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina was surrounded by good family who would protect her from now on.

Davis also honoured Houston, saying for her, it was the amazing music she would remember.

Spencer later triumphed at the ceremony, winning the Best Supporting Actress category. Her face was one of genuine astonishment when her name was called out, although she said she wouldn't be fulfilling her promise of running down the street naked if she won - "it's too cold for that."

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Spencer and the rest of The Help cast are veterans of awards ceremonies now, having picked up the prestigious Screen Actors Guild ensemble award recently in LA, but the actress from Alabama claimed she still hadn't got over the thrill of bumping into her idols. Presumably George and Brad, yes?

"Oh no, they're old friends," she joked, "We met them in December. No, it was when I met Jim Broadbent I could hardly speak.

"And Daniel Radcliffe... I mean who hasn't grown up with Harry Potter?"

Things are looking good for Spencer now at the Oscars, and she can be happy, too, that out of the five nominated Best Films at last night's BAFTAs, The Help is by far the most successful at the international box office.

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